About news feeds

You can subscribe to changes made to your website using an application that works with RSS or Atom syndication files. For example, Mac OS X users can use Safari or Mail to keep up to date with the latest entries by subscribing to these areas of the website. See the documentation for the application you're using for information about subscribing to news feeds.

Subscribing to the site

Many applications can determine how to subscribe to the news feed based on the URL of your website. Often, you can click the RSS icons that appear throughout the site to subscribe to a feed. But if you need to enter the URL for the feed you want to subscribe to, use the following format: 

  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/blog/index.rss (RSS format feed)
  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/blog/index.atom (Atom format feed)

Subscribing to search results

You can get a news feed for a particular search, to know when items with a particular tag have been added. Here's an example of a URL for this feed:

  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/search/index.rss?tag=important (RSS format feed)
  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/search/index.atom?tag=important (Atom format feed)

Substitute the tag or tags you're interested in following, along with the correct address of your site, in the URL before adding it to your news reader application.

You can limit the search to just the type of content you're interested in. For example, to search only wiki pages:

  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/search/index.rss?kind=wiki
  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/search/index.atom?kind=wiki

Subscribing to sidebar items

You can subscribe to items that are tagged with "what's hot" or another sidebar that your administrator has configured.
  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/search/index.rss?tag=hot
  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/search/index.atom?tag=hot
Substitute the word "hot" with the tag configured for the sidebar you're interested in following. The news feed will contain the five most recent items that have the selected tag.

Subscribing to comments

You can subscribe to a wiki page's comments:

  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/discussion/pagename/index.rss
  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/discussion/pagename/index.atom

Subscribing to an editing history

To subscribe to the history of a wiki page:

  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/revisions/pagename/index.rss
  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/revisions/pagename/index.atom

Subscribing to the mailing list

To subscribe to the group's mailing list:

  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/mailinglist/index.rss
  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/mailinglist/index.atom

Using the Atom Publishing Protocol

If you're developing an application that supports the Atom publishing protocol, the Atom publishing URL is:
  • ServerDNSname/groups/groupname/atompub