About tags

Tags let you identify, categorize, and quickly find related wiki and blog pages. Tags are one of the most powerful and flexible features of your website. Use them to group and identify related items, and to provide an easy-to-use organizational system so that everyone contributing to your site can keep up with the latest changes and news.

For example, you might add a tag to each page that indicates its department or project. In the calendar, you can use tags for the project, the type of meeting, and which teams must attend. Because you can add as many tags as you need, you have the flexibility to create exactly the set of tags that work best for you.

Any user who can edit the site's content can add or remove tags. You can search for tagged items to quickly find what you're interested in. Additionally, you can use a newsreader application to subscribe to changes to pages with your favorite tags.

Tags are also used to add featured content to the main page of your site. This is a great way to ensure that the latest news is visible to everyone who logs in. The built-in "hot" tag determines which pages are included in the "What's Hot" sidebar on the main page of your site, and the site administrator can create a sidebar that uses a tag of your choosing.