Adding a page to What's Hot

Blog and wiki pages that are tagged with "hot" appear in the What's Hot sidebar on the home page. This is a handy way to draw users' attention to these pages. Use it for special announcements or the latest, important news.

To add a page to What's Hot:

  1. Find or create the page you want to add to the list.
  2. Click the Pencil button to edit the page, if you're not already in edit mode.
  3. Click the "Add this to What's Hot" checkbox.
  4. Click "save."
You can also tag a page with "hot" to add it to the What's Hot list. The What's Hot list automatically includes the five most recent items that have the tag. To view all of the items, click "What's Hot" on the home page. You can also subscribe to a news feed of the list.

The administrator can remove or change the What's Hot sidebar, or add another, so your site might use different tags for featuring content on the main page.