Attaching a file to a page

The best way to attach a file for downloading is to create an archive (zip) of the file before uploading it to the server. This is essential if you're attaching a folder of files, or certain complex types of files such as Keynote presentations.

To attach a file to a page so others can download it:

  1. Click the Edit (pencil) button in the toolbar.
  2. Position the insertion point where you want the file attachment to appear on the page.
  3. Click the Attach File (paperclip) button in the editing toolbar.
  4. In the Attach File dialog, select the file to attach.
  5. Click Attach to upload the file. A page icon appears on the page when the upload has finished.
  6. Click "save" in the editing toolbar when you're finished editing the page. The filename of your attached file becomes visible on the page and others can click the name or icon to download the file.

If you're attaching a media file, such as an image, and you want others to be able to see it without having to download it first, use the Insert Media button instead of the Attach FIle button.