Editing events

When you edit an event in Calendar, you can change all information associated with the event, such as its name, location, date, and duration. You can also change it from an all-day event to a timed event or vice-versa.

To edit an event:
  1. In week or month view, click the event.
  2. After making the following changes, click OK to save your settings.
  • To change the name of the event, enter the name in the Summary field.
  • To change the location of the event, enter a new location in the Location field.
  • To change the start date of the event, click the date and in the calendar that appears, click the date of the event. To change the start date to today's date, click Today (diamond); to view the previous month, click Previous (up arrow); to view the next month, click Next (down arrow). 
  • To change the start time of the event, use the pop-up menus next to the date. The pop-up menus are in HH:MM format.
  • To change the event from all-day to timed or vice versa, select or deselect "All-Day (Banner) event." 
  • To change the duration of the event, use the Duration pop-up menus. If it is an all-day event, or the duration is more than 24 hours, then enter a number in the "days" field.