Using a blog editing application

In addition to using the regular web-based interface to edit the content of your blog, you can use a blog editing application such as MarsEdit or ecto. These are desktop applications that run on your computer and communicate with the blog software to create, edit, and manage pages. One advantage of these types of programs is that you can write content when you're not connected to the blog server, and then upload the page when you're finished.

To access your blog, use an applicatioin that works with the Metaweblog API. Use the following information to configure the editor:

  • RPC Access Point: http://serverDNSname/RPC2
  • Username or Blog ID: Your user name or the name of your group
To configure MarsEdit:
  • RPC access point: http://serverDNSName/RPC2
  • blogid for user blog: users/username/weblog
  • blogid for a group blog: groups/groupname/weblog

For more information, see the MarsEdit website, the ecto website, and the Metaweblog API specification.