Viewing older or deleted pages

Every time a page is updated the previous version is retained, so you can undo changes or reactivate an older version of a page.

To view previous versions of a page:

  1. Click the View Document History (>) button. This button is visible only when you're viewing, not editing, a page.
  • Select any version in the list to view its contents.
    • To compare the selected version with its previous version, click the Compare button. (Click View Alone to stop comparing.)
      • To replace the current version of a page with an older version, select the desired version and click Restore. This creates a new revision of the page. Attachments and media associated with the older version will also be restored.
        To exit without changing the current version of a page, click the Hide Document History (V) button.

        To quickly restore a deleted page:

        1. Perform any search, then choose "Deleted Entries" in the Search Summary area of the results page.
        2. Click the title of a deleted page, then click Undelete Page to restore the last revision.